Vacant Properties

We advertise all our available properties on, domain and other sites.

Please click here to view all available properties.

To apply for an advertised property please click here  

Please do not apply if you do not agree to enquiries being made with employers, landlords, and rental agents.

One application is required for every person over 18 years who will be living at the intended property

Payment Options

All payments must go directly into our Trust Account (no fee if you pay at a Bendigo/Adelaide Bank) and, in most cases, no fee if you transfer over the internet.

Please note: Steadfast Property Managers believe that paying rent is one of the highest priorities for a tenant, and we do not have leniency in late payment of rent, or a lack of care or respect for caring for a landlord's property. The Residential Tenancies Tribunal is contacted at the first opportunity, in all appropriate cases.