Steadfast is now the leading PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST in Adelaide!


Did you know that Steadfast Property Managers are one of Adelaide’s largest Property management specialists - with almost 500 properties under management across Adelaide and the Hills - Steadfast do not get sidetracked by selling properties!

Up to 70% of new managements to Steadfast are a result of satisfied landlords referring friends to Steadfast.

Steadfast utilise the latest in technology, enabling our mature staff (with an average age of 47) to operate from their headquarters in the eastern suburbs, as well as from their homes and managed property locations, giving better service to landlords and tenants, and giving more photos, reports and communications to Landlords, about their investment properties. The Steadfast team have over 100 years of experience, and have been chosen due to their extensive experience working at 9 other agents across Adelaide.

 Steadfast have been a finalist or award winner in the Real Estate Institute of South Australia’s annual awards of excellence in 2013, 2014, 2015 and now 2016. Steadfast’s principal, Mark Leslie, is involved in several industry-wide groups, providing feedback to industry and government.

We're proud to announce that we were acknowledged in the top four property managers in SA, along with Toop&Toop, Harris and Klemich at the Real Estate Institute of South Australia Awards for Excellence (medium & large category). Again in 2015, REISA awarded Steadfast, being the only Property Management Specialist awarded in the South Australian Real Estate Industry Awards.

Steadfast does not involve itself in sales of properties, as it is 100% focused on property management, with staff that have over 60 years of property experience, and have worked for various property companies.   Using the latest in technology, we have staff located across Adelaide and the Hills to assist with your property.  In 2011, steadfast property managers incorporated the business and 25 year history of bob smith realty.   New technology assists the efficient and timely management of properties managed by Steadfast, with 24/7 internet log in for both tenants and landlords. Recently Steadfast has been quoted in the newspaper, and interviewed on ABC Radio, about some of the innovative practices that we use to look after Landlord's properties, and to source the best tenants possible.  

Steadfast Office Headquarters:



Managing the expectations of both landlords and tenants can only come from experience and maturity. Keeping tenants satisfied in their rental properties, and happy with their relationships with their rental manager and landlord is a critical part of the management process of Steadfast Property Managers. This ensures less cost for the landlord in vacant properties, re-letting fees and advertising. Meanwhile, maintenance issues will be well managed by a company where the principals understand the bottom line, and staff are landlords themselves. Whilst no-one can guarantee perfect tenants, our many different checks involving various external databases and referees can help, but above all, it is our staff's experience that assists the selection of tenants in the first place that is one of the greatest guarantee of the best possible care for your properties. No more wondering if your property has been inspected, and what it looks like, as you receive a PDF emailed report, with photographs, after each inspection. You can also log in and see the financial statements for your property - current and past, 24/7.




Tenants should feel secure that Steadfast have long-term and respectful Property Managers. Steadfast want all their tenants to have a trouble-free tenancy period in the homes they manage, and aim to support all tenants compassionately - as long as all ongoing obligations, including up-to-date rent and care for the property have been met. We work with all the regulations and support services  of the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs and the Residential Tenancies Tribunal, and we use the Real Estate Institute of South Australia forms and agreements.